charity:water…We Unlocked a Well at SAPPHIRENOW!!

Hello Everyone,

This is my final installment of the triology of charity:water and SapphireNOW experience. I do apologize for taking a week to report in, many of you know the results at this point. I did have a busy week and a daughter graduating High School so, it is what it is…

Even if you  know already that WE FUNDED ONE WELL FOR ETHIOPIA!!!!  Hopefully  you’ll read on and enjoy the pictures 🙂

EMC Booth #412 at SAPPHIRE this year was a great experience for EMC’ers, our customers, and our partners. Tons of meetings, but we found time to highlight the charity:water cause and through out the week, people came along and engaged themselves in the experience.

As you can see from this  picture, the back side of the meeting room was dedicated to charity:water where there were many photo ops for customers and partners holding the jazzy yellow Jerry cans.



Our goal was to get show attendees and other SAP focused people in the twitter-sphere to tweet or retweet three hashtags #charity:water #EMC #SAPPHIRENOW.  Our show goal was 1,000 tweets to unlock $10,000 for one well.



The first day we finished just shy of 600 tweets… Awesome I was able to breathe a sigh of relief…
hallie-dive 2013


Now no one seem to take more pictures with the Jerrys than Erica and Teresa, but it was a popular past time during the show. the cans below this sign were full of water and super heavy

10300297_10203571896874077_7129803281259146026_n copy


We gave away stickers at the booth to give everyone a little portable “Love” they could carry with them w/o having to actually haul the Jerrys around





We started to see the stickers making it around the floor  on name badges. Mildly viral… Yes good!   Messaging in full production mode.

Several of our tweets cracked the trending ceiling and became short-term celebrities during the show.

SOSTwitter RZTwitter hwtwitter Grptwitter

 A few social stats…

  •  We increased EMC social impact by 486% year over year
  • We had 3 hashtags in the top ten (#4, #6, #7)
  • #EMC trended above #HANA
  • We owned 73% share of the voice against our competitors.
  • That’s right, we’re striding in the social game…

We chose to not fund parties, or t-shirts, or foam rubber Ninjas… We took our money and put it behind the sustainable value of one well of water. We hoped that our partners and customers would appreciate our gesture and that this would not get lost in the noise of the show.  We were embolded by their response

And then around noon on Thursday, the word came from our Social Specialist Extraordinaire…we had done it. We reached 1,000 tweets and we were funding a well in Ethopia!  YES!!!! AWESOME!!!  RIGHTEOUS!!!



Even after the hand slaps and cheering died down. The message still carried on.  I found this gentleman by himself, like many other passerby’s during the show, stopping and watching a simple video that profoundly shares the duality of those who have and those who don’t. One more person touched… Hopefully one more step towards an better equality of fundamentals.



On my flight home. I looked down at the can of water I was provided on the airplane and thought how many countless times I had consumed such a quantity without any note. I am proud to say today, I don’t believe I will ever drink water again without a minor celebration of the luxury of it.



Misson Accomplished! We planned, we sweated, we shared, and we gave and we spent our money to help the cause of charity:water.  To all those on the team who believed in the cause and got it done…