charity:water … A water walk with my daughter

I took the opportunity on this beautiful Saturday morning to spend a little time with my daughter Hallie, and have her experience what life would be like without the plumbing and the water access we are accustomed to. I explained to her that one yellow Jerry can is 5 gallons of water, only 1/16 of what our hot water heater holds for our family of 5.

We have a creek at the end of our our street only about 80 yards from our house. So I talked this teenager into making a trip down to the creek to fill up the Jerry can and haul it back, knowing its only a tiny fraction of the water our family blindly uses everyday.

So we’re off!

Hallie is a Warrior. She’s a cheerleader, gymnast, diver, and stays pretty active so we’re not dealing with a whimp here.



Its pretty light to haul an empty Jerry can so no big deal to walk out the front yard and…



to trot past a couple houses and down to the creek



Alright time to climb into the creek and load up some water. The most danger she’ll face is a terse stare of a squirrel or chipmunk. No crocodiles in these waters.



Hallie filled…



And filled…



And filled… It took about 10 mins to get water into the can and it wasn’t really full. There was not really a place that allowed Hallie to fully fill the Jerry can. If you were walking a mile and not just 80 yards, you’d want to get a full can before leaving.



Hallie started to struggle as we made our way back. There were several “set downs”. to readjust. Note she’s not smiling as much.



About half way she wanted me to carry her shoes, I said “Nope, going for the full experience here!”



Well about 3 or 4 minutes later we crossed the distance and made it back to our home. I think we both appreciated our luxuries just a little more. And remember… this is pretty clean water that consistently flows. It is not a muddy stagnate pool. Our staged walk could have been so worse than a short trip to our neighborhood creek


charity:water is a wonderful non-profit, working to provide clean and accessible drinking water to communities who do no have this basic necessity.

At #SAPPHIRENOW next week, the #EMCGivesBack Team will be working to unlock funds for one new well during the show. We’re doing this through the social-sphere. Please join in and help us unlock this well which will changes the lives of one community. Join us on Twitter June 3-5 and include hashtags: #charitywater #EMC #SAPPHIRENOW. Be a part of making this change happen!

Thanks for your help,

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