On my way to Sapphire

I am sitting in the Airport heading off to a week of Sapphire. That means 17-20 hour days, endless meetings, new friends and catchups with many old friends.

What will we hear at Sapphire?

– I predict we’ll see more formalizaton of options for HANA. Customers will be able to buy hana from a wider array of partners with more options than the inital appliances that exist on the PAM today.

– I predict a heavy dose of cloud and virtualization for non-HANA components of the SAP landscape. currently our demand in this area is through the roof.

– I suspect this is the year that smaller vendors start showing up with hana specific applications and toolsets they have built. This will be interesting to see the innovation within a growing ecosystem

– I know I will have several meetings that tighten the grip on our partner Go To Markets. Similar to SAP’s partner grow plans, EMC has massively expanded its partner model over the last 3-4 years. Last week this matured into a merger of our Velocity Partner and Channel programs into a consolidated upgrade: EMC Business Partner program. This allows our customers more flexible options to get to the cloud in any form they wish and/or stage hosting in almost any location(s) on the planet for SAP Landscapes.

– Interesting thing is SAP is having a special event on Human Face of Big Data project and Book written by Rick Smolan. SAP repected the work Rick did in capturing how Big Data is changing the world. The interesting part is EMC is the primary sponsor of HFBD and its great to have a partner like SAP recognnize the work in this way (check out my previous blog on this for more data). I hear there’s a more creative work coming on this topic too.

-Ok plane is leaving, i’ll be writing more later!

If you are at the show find me at twitter: asitison