Brian Gallagher talks in The Real World about cloud storage

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During Brian Gallagher’s ESD keynote, he took the audience through the changes to the VMAX product line.

Here’s some highlights frm his presentation

– 17 VMAX breakout sessions At EMC World

-VMAX Cloud Edition. During the discussion ran a video on the transformation of Navitare, Accenture spin off for airline industry.

-Vmax cloud , provision faster, 34% lower tco, and provide ITaaS with more consistency than AWS.

-VMAX Clud provides automation, strong use metrics as is sized simply through capacity and or performance needs

– Vmax runs 3x faster other compeition. vmax can optimise data placement in an exclusive way,
across data centers (up to 4).

-2.5 x faster than HP 3par and with replication it doubles its time to respond. Aka “Wicked Bad”

– Brian also talked about Vplex. Which had an interesting data factoid.

-It runs in 52% of the top 200 companies

– VRPA. EMC has virtualized recover point appliance allowing for more flexibilty and better cost for a portion of their clients. Brian said this is a sign of things to come

-CMA had a video. Talked about using Oracle RAC on VMAX as the best of breed platofrm for their busieness. Performance, scale, and reliabilty was quoted as the features that were most important. CMA can add many terabytes of data in a sngle day

– Future of Cloud storage, FAST today puts right data in right place at right time since its release in 2009 it has been impactful on optimzing capx optx for EMC customers. This week we”‘re extending to XtremeXF as an expansion of the storage it supports. In future.. It will be fully automated storage technology. Tubr fast policies n their side and optimize data horizontally across the storage arrays. Imagine storage tiering and data migration in one place, and extend to the backup device and hey the cloud…

– Brian also introduced (tongue & cheek) the VFrig which was a VMAX with a refrigerator in it. They are raffling off to one lucky receiptient.

– Today people are moving storage to compute, how about comiute to storage?? Low latecny systems, DB ops, analytics, should be running in the storage device. Using VMWare, Brian showed a demo of R&D work showing vmax with vplex running inside,

– Announces the release id Project Bourne and Software Defined Storage

-interesting, showed all the product placement of VMAX in the movies, fun little video. Called out and remediated problematic Dell servers

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