SHOW MADNESS! SAP Week, EMC World, Sapphire

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Well it is that time again. That time where the best part of 6 weeks is eaten up by planning and attending two major shows: EMC World and Sapphire.  That’s right, next week I am all week in Las Vegas, red eye back to mow the grass and then off to Orlando to sweat out the humidity.

Before I go there I have to tell you what made it really crazy! Last week we decided to hold SAP Week in Boston & Cork Ireland. Our SAP Weeks are held in our global executive briefing centers (EBC) at EMC. My team and the EBC have co-sponsored them for years, but SAP has become such a popular topic our events have had to limit attendance to meet fir


e codes.  In Boston alone we had more than 200 customers come through. We broke attendance records and it was a great success. Thanks to our partners SAP, VMW, Cisco and VCE for making it happen. I also want to thank the System Integrators and Services Providers like Secure24, Deloitte, Wipro, E&Y & FIT who spoke or otherwise participated.  Here are some of the videos from the event provide by Dave Vellante, SiliconAngle TV, & “The Cube” (you guys rock).  Also Thanks to the EMC, VCE, and SAP execs that supported the event: Frank Hauck, John Hanlon, Terry Breen, Chad Sakac, Scott Millard, and Kevin Chew.


Big topics:  Cloud & HANA.  First Virtualization, everyone is virtualizing SAP. We talked about private clouds, hybrid clouds, public clouds, cloud management, LVM, migrations from Unix to X86, migrations from Physical to Virtual, the whole gamut of options to consider. Including one customer who’s looking to put their entire SAP deployment in an off premise private cloud. BTW, EMC has a whole list of Velocity Partners who provide hosting, cloud and “_aaS” offerings for SAP. The real difference in the conversations today from say 3 years ago is that there are tons of customers who have virtualized in various ways, so the discussion is not about if, but how…simple.

sap team bston

The second most popular topic was HANA, and this wasn’t a use case discussion per say, the driving question was, I have developed a use for HANA in my business and need to go to production with it, how do I do that?  Many of these customers had done their sandboxes with other competing products, even with website  who sell tennis shoes, but many weren’t comfortable continuing with those decisions into production and wanted to hear EMC’s recommendations on Data Center Ready HANA, and we told them.


OK SAP Week alone was enough to fill up my Q2 with extra-curricular activity, no so fast.  I now head off to EMC World next week. OMG it is packed. I have seen some of the pre-release info and man its going to be a big show. Also a lot has changed since last year. Goulden has come in to run the show, Gelsinger has left to run VMW, Maritz returned for a short stint before going off to run the company called Pivotal.   We also have a new CIO since our last event. I am sure these changes will impact EMC World and the discussions held within.  Additionally we have apps galore; there is wall-to-wall content on Big Data, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.   I will be submitting comments via Twitter and this blog as we go through EMC World to share with you the announcements and 1 on 1 conversations I have.  I swear every year I will be diligent, let’s see if I keep my promise.


Ok most sane people would stop, get some rest and plan their beach trip, but not me and my weary team, we pack up for Orlando and do it all again at one of my Favorite shows: SAPPHIRE.   If you haven’t been your missing something, the world’s GDP  flows through the hallways that week. As big as it is, it’s a small world. Like the person you consistently see in the Chicago airport as you both connect for a flight… I see all my friends across the SAP eco-system, I celebrate with some about our joint GTM success and with some we reconnect and ask the question if this is the year we will get serious about partnering together. It’s a dance of sorts… that makes the commercial world revolve.  EMC has some announcements coming, but better we have customers peppered throughout the event who are speaking of every stage about their successes and we, in some way, played a part in their success.  Again week 2, I will leverage social media to share some of the tidbits I learn

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