Boston: New History in a Historic City

One of the joys while working at EMC has been the ability to be a frequent traveler to one of the world’s most characteristic cities, the city of Boston. I find history colors a space, makes it interesting. I love that the “old” still stands by the “new” and you can touch brick, iron, and stone that our founding fathers possibly once placed a hand against. This is truly a special city which extends beyond its architecture into a cacophony of sounds full of dialects, horns and cracks of the bat. As we all know, sometimes history finds you; and yesterday a little more history joined the annuals of this old city.

We do not yet know the dementia that created this new tragedy, though we can “what if” our way oblivion. We do know that people have suffered, they need our thoughts for many have had their lives changed in a single moment. We do know what are the values of both Boston and the Boston Marathon. A real “running city” that has a strong culture of healthy living and in a special way, celebrates humanity in many forms.

We also know fear. Our northeast cities have had their unfair share of attacks as of late. This can create fear in all forms, and drive us all to steal from ourselves, our joys; like being part of a historic race on a sunny spring day. Net-Net, the perpetrators win when we choose to lock away our spontaneity, our happiness, our sense of peace. Though I am not saying, we can not prepare, this event was inundated with police, firemen, emergency workers, doctors, bomb sniffing dogs, blockades, etc. The solution can’t be a higher fence or a longer wait in a security line, terrorism of all kinds has to loose its effect of changing us. We need to be unified not in fear, but in the brilliance that is us. Ask any marathoner, most of the effort is mental. Its a minute by minute challenge, and achievement goes to those who harness the mental resolve to endure.

Though I am only a visitor to this great city, as one of your supporters, I urge you to build upon that which some would tear down. Continue to celebrate your unique experience. Continue to work to layer history in the form you want it created. And just like the Boston Marathon, you will continue to the retain global veneration through your accomplishments.

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