Super Nerd Street Fight – SAP TechED HANA Real Time Race

Consider yourself warned. There’s going to be a throw down at SAP TechED in Vegas this week. Two Systems Integrators are going to go head to head in what is being called the “SUPER NERD STREET FIGHT OF THE CENTURY”. On stage at the show, two separate SI’s (Bluefin and Optimal) will be given, in real time, one customer’s data and a business problem to solve. From that, they will need to craft an algorithmic analytics solution using SAP Modules on HANA, then frantically put it all into action in front of a live audience. This demonstration is sponsored by SAP in an effort to enbolden the SAP customer base to take action on data and to show that its impactful, fast, and not that hard (if you’re a super talented SI team).  They will be “cutting heads” on a common platform of SAP HANA running on an Cisco/EMC appliance.

Best HANA Appliance
Cisco-EMC HANA appliance screams!

Comments from Henrik Wagner, Global Lead SAP Alliance, EMC “We have gotten extremly fortunate to be able to provide a Cisco/EMC HANA appliance for the SAP HANA Real Time Race during TechEd this coming week in Las Vegas. Our HANA Scale-out appliance will be located in the SAP Real Time Race booth in the middle of the SAP show floor area.  We want our customers and partners know that EMC’s is 100% percent behind SAP’s initiative around using real time analytics built on HANA to improve organizations ability to execute and improve accuracy & availability of information. We hope everyone will take the time to come by the SAP Real Time Race booth to learn more from SAP’s HANA SMEs.” 

 In addition, EMC has assigned a couple of true experts to support the event: Haji Aref Director of SAP Product Management and Christoph Streubert, Senior Global SAP Architect. Between them almost 50 years of experience in the details.

For more information, watch this video on the Real Time Race:

HANA Real-Time Race @ SAP TechEd Las Vegas with Cisco & EMC

 I will be on the floor Tuesday this week to check out the Real Time Race and the other great features of SAP TechED. I’ll update this post with what insights I pull down.  If you are on the floor Tuesday, Ping me @ASitison on Twitter. I’d like to hear how you think the show is going.

Bring a couple band-aids it may get a little messy…


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