30 Years of IT Transformation: EMCWorld 36 hours in…

Just finished up Joe Tucci’s keynote. I’ll mention i am already a fan of Joe’s. He’s made great decisions, he’s personable to employees, partners, and employees alike, and he’s built a great organization. However today I became an uber fan. Joe took aprox 15,000 people through a tour of the last 30 years of IT transformation. he talked about what it was like writing in assembler (that’s right he was assembler dude). What it was like being part of the 20 companies that were defining the MF industry. Then he took us through the client/server era, how he executed on assoc’d market conditions and finished up with the converging world we now live in. Joe explained in common terms why EMC is doubling down with Cloud, Big Data, and Trust as our go forward model. He also mentioned that this is completely impossible journey without our partners.

OK you’re thinking what’s my point.. and I’ll tell you. Its pretty damn rare to have a guy with that tenture, that breadth and depth of experience, with a “common man’s” persona, still this invested and leading a company with so much potential during such a large inflection point in the market. Similar to remembering where you were standing during 9/11, it hit this was an important moment. I did a “save as” to my squissy grey hard drive. I’ve seen McDermott, I’ve seen Elison, I’ve seen many CEO’s address their ecosystem, Joe is rising to an extraordinary guy.

Enough on that let me hit a couple high points from the show

Global Partner Summit – yesterday (yes Sunday) We kicked off the first annual GPS. It was a little like going to a start up’s new show. There were some learning moments throughout the day, but all in all the team did a great job. Biggest point I can make? 3,000 people turned out on a weekend event with a purchased ticket. Companies like Accenture and Cap Gemini brought 50 or more people to the show. The prime message was, we know we’re not perfect, but we are absolutely dependant on our partners for success. We want to invest, we want to continue to get strategic, and there were several examples of how EMC and the partner ecosystem have gone big together. Frankly I think this is one of the most exciting areas of growth within EMC. Our investment was obvious through our executive attendance. Tucci, Gelsinger, Sakac, Breen on down were all in attendance for the event.

PRODUCTS FOR EVERYONE – Pat must be going crazy, we are announcing 42 new products at the show this week. Unbelievable. You sit in the audience as they start going through vfcache, project thunder, XtremeIO acquisition, integrating with fastVP, new VMAX, New VMAX Service Provider edition, isilon Mavrick’s release (this one is really cool) and you realize we’re on hyper drive (no punt intended). EMC is attacking the opportunity with furvor, and its not alone. There are several examples where alignment is the real win. Part of the keynote included Chad Sakac demoing Landscape Virtualization Manager. I know that sounds like an EMC or VMWare product, but its actually from SAP. There is a major play with SAP to align at the management layer to take collectively consume the cloud opportunity in a short number of bites.

I need to quit typing for now and learn some more about all the new levers we have installed on the EMC go-fast machine. I’ll check back in later.