Shake rattle revisited

In Richmond 3/26 at 11:30 at night felt the 3.1 rumble of another earthquake. I thought about searching google, I thought about looking at facebook, and settled on going to bed…

Andy Sitison

As I sat here in Richmond, Virginia today feeling the earth’s amazing power to shake rocks across state lines, I experienced my first 5.9 earthquake. It felt and sounded like someone dribbling a dumpster for what seemed like 2 minutes. All in all, no major damage to respond to and no lasting effects. Work only slowed for about 30 minutes as everyone chattered a bit. Now the states of Virginia and the Carolinas prepare for hurricane Irene to dance her way across the southern mid-Atlantic. All of this environmental upheaval had me thinking about writing a blog on risk and how companies need stronger disaster recovery plans… But I was struck by another aspect of the experience that left me fascinated: “Connectivity”.

First I should say I was on the phone with someone in North Carolina during the event and approximately 45-60 seconds into my “vibra-dance”, they felt the rumble…

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2 thoughts on “Shake rattle revisited

  1. your blog post has been tweeted, andy. Well done. must have been a weird experience.

  2. Sounds like tremors before a major quake. Suggest watching Doomsday Preppers.

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