Snakes Swallowing Hippos – Reducing the Gag reflex

I don’t want to imply the world’s corporations are “snakes”. However they remind me of a viral video I once saw of an African Rock Python who had swallowed a small hippo whole. The major growth into the world of “big data” resembles this metaphor. Many data analytics initiatives are like hungry snakes consuming colossal amounts of data at rates we did not conceive of five years ago. Ingestion, query processing, provisioning, indexing/data structures, backup, availability, retention, and governance requirements are all viciously attacking the traditional architectures, and we’re all learning the lessons that come with each innovation in the field.

Someone once explained to me that system performance is like plumbing. If you have a system full of partial clogs, but the water volume is 1 % below capacity everything works great. Once you reach capacity on any one spot, the system slows or stops (then your wife yells at you). If you remove the clog, that actually frees up more volume that may create another delay later in the system. In other words, the software and hardware that make up a computer stack create a complex and interdependent system. Growth can outpace one or more capacities. Most of the challenges I see in our customers are related to limitations in capacity and throughput as the business world begins the era of big data.

 I want to point out that cloud, in theory alone, does not free us of this burden. These same agitants will transfer to the cloud. Cloud providers have to work diligently to tune capacity and utilization in multi-tenancy environments so that as you float around in your cloud, you don’t accidently bump into the harsh side of an iron box. This has been witnessed in various news clips lately. Cloud will help by the function of major consolidation allowing for better utilization and allowing for shared “slack”, but it is held to the same rules of physics. “If you run at a wall, eventually you will hit it”.

 OK so back to data analytics, we are in a powerful growth phase of big data and there is a community of vendor companies on the edge of this movement. That includes traditional providers of data management software like Oracle. It also includes new innovations like EMC’s Greenplum data warehouse solutions, and Isilion for scale-out of unstructured data (i.e. videos, GIS maps).

I bring this up because there are only a few events a year where so many of the experts get together to discuss these topics, one of those opportunities is in two weeks. If you’re game, and you can find a hotel room, dive head first into a sloppy big mess of big data @Oracle OpenWorld (#oow11). OOW will be held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center starting Oct 2nd with a reported attendee list of approximately 42,000 people. The majority will be bringing some of the freshest challenges and ideas to what will be a very interesting soirée.

So if you’re a snake looking to swallow a hippo, this show is a hotspot. EMC has been a long time player with a large customer base in support of Oracle and other mission critical applications. When it comes to big data, we help reduce the “gag reflex” of consuming large quantities of the stuff. Both the associated Oracle teams and the big data teams at EMC spend their time divining answers to the challenging questions of how to speed, backup, de-duplicate, copy, protect, and virtualize data systems to support the rate of growth. Imagine hundreds of guys as smart as Sam Lucido (@Sam_lucido) running around with the single mission to help customers “digest the hippo”. If you are going to Oracle OpenWorld here are some of the key topics we’ll be covering and their venue:

 o (Session ID 33580) Virtualized Oracle: More Performance, 80% Faster Provisioning and 50% less Cost Monday @ 11am

o (Session ID 33640) Oracle Data Warehouse meets Big Data: Blazing Fast Loads, Queries and Analytics Monday @3:30pm

o (Session ID 33600) Deduplication and Oracle RMAN: More Full Backups, Faster Recovery, Less Cost Tuesday @10:15am

o (Session ID 33660) Migrating Oracle to the Cloud: 10x More Performance and $7M saved on x86/Linux Tuesday @3:30pm

o (Session ID 33620) Clone Oracle Databases Online in Seconds with Oracle CloneDB and DirectNFS Wednesday @1:15pm

Ok let me especially highlight these 2 events where you can see my friend Ramesh Razdan from EMC IT present. Like “500 brake horsepower”, this is where “smoking rubber hits the road”. Ramesh is all facts when it comes to running one of the largest integrated and cloudifying IT organizations on the planet.

o (Session ID 3560) Ramesh will serve in a panel discussion as part of a Cisco session

o Ramesh Razdan will be presenting in Cisco Booth (#721) on 10/3 and 10/4 @3:30 pm.

Did I save the best for last? You bet. Joe Tucci, EMC’s CEO, is doing the Keynote on Monday 8:00am (@oracleopenworld). Joe has been the master mind of EMC’s growth through the acquisition strategies of companies like VMware, Data Domain, Greenplum and Isilon. He’s at full pace as he takes EMC to the crossroads of Cloud Computing and Big Data. Super smart guy and I think you’ll find inspiration in his session.

Ok, if you miss something while you’re there you can always come by the booth and be inundated with prizes, smiling faces, and #EMC experts to answer questions. BOOTH 901 There will be quite a few announcements so keep your ear out that first week of October. Also keep a look out for the “Most Intriging Man in IT (

I look forward to a healthy slice of hippo…see you there!


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  1. Nice article! Also don’t forget (Session ID 15050) An Integrated End-to-End Data Solution for Oracle Products. Oracle and EMC will be presenting the new DIF (Data Integrity Field) technology and how this will replace and improve upon existing mechanisms for Oracle I/O protection.

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